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I am Chris Masato, a Wedding Photographer in France, and making your most important day incredible is my priority. With my professional wedding photography skills, I give my clients timeless and romantic wedding pictures. My passion drives me to capture precious moments or couples through my lens and highlight their romance to perfection!

Love is the most beautiful feeling one can experience and a wedding marks the stamp of always and forever on a love story. Every couple deserves a classy wedding photoshoot.

 Choose the Best Destination Wedding Photographer in France

Whether you choose your destination wedding in Paris or anywhere in France, your celebration is meant to be shared with your friends and family. I am a Wedding Photographer in France committed to providing you with creative and quality images of your big day. The photos will reflect your romance, happiness, and love story and make you feel butterflies for the rest of your life. 

Why France is the best wedding destination?

Paris is not only the capital of France but also the capital of love. With beautiful gardens, historical monuments, and fine architecture, this land has poetic landscapes that will become the best backdrop in your pictures. Couples from the whole world are seen romancing in front of the Eifel Tower; it is really easy to guess why. 

Get cinematic wedding photography and film.

Your wedding day deserves to be captured professionally!

Emotions, stories, and love always motivate me to capture the feelings seamlessly. Therefore, I pay attention to the smallest details and observe the setup carefully to add magical finishes. In your wedding film, I will preserve your wedding day moments and compose them together with perfection. You are going to remember your magical day through my cinematic wedding photography and film forever.

Get timeless pictures with a creative Wedding Photographer in France 

Wedding moments run fast, but the best wedding photographers can preserve them for you to revisit them. Every couple’s story is unique and different, and I would love to be the one to capture and express it in your wedding photos. Your most loved moments deserve to be framed through a professional lens. Through my creative photography knowledge and skills, your wedding day moments will become unforgettable.

Get clicked on the best wedding couple shoot poses.

It is essential for a couple to relax and enjoy their wedding without worrying about makeup, dress, and poses. With my deep understanding of photography, I always capture the shots at the best light and angles. Whether it is about wedding couple shoot poses or setups and location, you don’t need to worry. With me by your side, the poses will perfectly bring all the feelings of joy, intimacy, and happiness into the pictures.

Combination of fine art and elegance: 

Photography has taught me to capture the essence of emotions and love. My goal is to capture the beauty of every couple’s story through my lens. I am to bring the uniqueness and happiness of your wedding day in the form of a masterpiece. My work balances fine art photography, and I can give you a candid, classy, and dreamy wedding photoshoot. 

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer in France, I’m excited to capture your truest emotions. With Paris being the love capital, the dates are often booked earlier. To book my cinematic wedding photography services, contact me today!