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Top tricks and tips for destination wedding photography

Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding in France

At last, you have done it! You found a perfect match for you, and now you are going to marry them. Are you and your love planning a perfect destination wedding photography to celebrate your love story? If yes, make sure you select the best location. France is one such ideal location, as Paris is already known as the city of love.

Also, don’t forget to make the preparations for the photography. You wouldn’t want to miss capturing a single highlight of your wedding. Therefore, book a  destination Wedding photographer  ahead of time. A lot of planning is involved between booking the tickets, getting on a plane, and documenting the entire destination wedding. This blog helps you to make a checklist to be sure you get all your memories captured.

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Hire a professional wedding photographer at the wedding location:

There is no point in hiring a photographer from your native country or place. You really don’t need to spend money on their travel and stay. Research someone who specializes in destination wedding photography at the decided location. Check out their portfolio and make sure their work reflects experience. Before booking them, make a list of questions you want to ask them. Some of the important questions are as follows:

  • What is your experience?
  • How do you keep yourself calm?
  • What equipment do you use?
  • What are your hourly and per-day charges? 

The above questions will help you to get you to know whether a photographer is right for you or not. You can ask your own questions and queries as well.

Schedule a prewedding shoot:

You need to reach the wedding location a few days prior to avoiding travel fatigue. Don’t sit in your hotel room doing nothing. Take advantage of the beautiful location by scheduling a prewedding or engagement photo shoot. This will help you and your partner to get comfortable with the  destination Wedding photographer . It is also a great way to experience their work and make sure they are the one for you.

Moreover, pre wedding and engagement photoshoots are not long and tiring. You can get clicked while having morning coffee and an evening walk with your partner. A pre-wed photo shoot can help you to visit new places and discover beautiful spots. This will allow you to have beautiful prewedding photos, and your photographer will be able to understand your style and preferences.

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Visit the venue before the big day: 

If it is possible for you, visit the venue before your big day. You can even ask your photographer to accompany you. Visiting the location with an easy mind will help you to find the best photography spots and the lighting conditions.

You can plan to have a golden hour photography session during sunrise or sunset. The soft and warm light of golden hours will enhance the beauty of your photos. Therefore, it is important to visit your wedding location at least once.

Discuss your vision with the  destination Wedding photographer:

If you want to get beautiful wedding photos, you have to communicate your expectations with the photographer. Participate actively in the theme selection and take inputs from your photographer. If you have specific spots, styles, or shots in your mind, make sure you get the desired one.

It is not just a wedding but your dream destination wedding. It would help if you made sure the photographer captures the essence of your dream wedding.

Don’t forget the power of candid moments: 

Some of the best captured moments are candid ones. Tell your  destination Wedding photographer  to capture candid and spontaneous pictures. The best part about candid photography is that these pictures capture unscripted moments that reflect genuine wedding emotions. You must encourage and trust your photographer with candid photos.

Along with candid pictures, you need to be ready for weather changes. However, it is recommended to book the wedding dates after checking the weather. You always need to be prepared for the god’s plan. Have a backup plan for unpredictable weather.

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Invest in high quality equipment:

Make sure  the destination wedding photographer  you have hired has a top-notch camera. This is necessary because you want quality pictures to flaunt on your reception and preserve for life. You can also ask your photographer to make a wedding film for you that includes everything from travel moments, prewedding events, and behind-the-scenes preparations. Just like your dance moves, you can try on some of the poses before your wedding. Also, creating a list of must-have poses with your partner and photographer will help to capture the important moments.


Finding the perfect destination wedding photographer will be a lot easier than finding true love. You can look for photographers online and check their backgrounds by noting the reviews, ratings, and portfolio.

If you have decided to have a destination wedding in Paris, Chris Masato Production has got your back. I love to click the real emotions of couples through my lens and bring their love story to life. To know more, reach out to me today!